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Expanded Polystyrene Panel (EPS)

Expanded Polystyrene Panel


  • Steel Skins  0,45mm – 0,60mm TCT repainted galvanized steel with corrosion resistant alloy (55% aluminium, 43,5% zinc and 1,5% silicone)
  • Coatings polyester coated Colorbond Antibacterial or Food grade coatings with 0,05mm plastic film laminated after fabrication for skin protection

Standard Color : Off White

  • Cores light weight, CFC free, non-brittle foam manufactured with 100% virgin bead with density 15kg/m3 – 20kg/m3, oven-cured after manufactured to ensure no residual pentanes.
  • Join system  Tongue and groove joint to archive excellent thermal performance.


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Expanded Polystyrene Panel


  •  Usage   Cold and chill stores, clean room, food processing, prefab buildings Wherever consiste nt thermal insulation performance, high dimensional stability and low water vapor transmission are needed.
  •  Dimension Standard width 1000mm to 1200mm, length up to 6000mm depends on thickness. Available thickness are 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, and 300mm
  • Fire Protection Self extinguish fire retardant.